ETL Validator Release Notes

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Enhancements/Bug Fixes (9/9/2019)

  •  Collaboration - It is now possible to modify in-built email templates for Data Rules Test Plan, Foreign Key Test Plan, and Data Compare Test Plan. To support this functionality, a new page called Email Templates has been added under Admin Options. Using Email Templates, now craft a beautiful message or add HTML code for formatting of font type, font color or tables for a test plan type.
  •  Deployment - ETL Validator now supports WebSphere Application Server.
  •  Core - Added a new option to ignore parameters while test case execution, but to consider at the time of verification.
  •   Core - Improved performance of Component Test Case for testing of Table Validation.
  •   Core - Improved performance of Data Migration Wizard with large number of tables.
  •   Core - Even where there are duplicates in selected join column, the differences are shown for new advanced query and avoids Cartesian product.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (4/17/2019)

  •  Security - LDAP/Active Directory integration.
  •  Duplicates - Ability to compare data even if the select join key has duplicates. Improved layout for showing differences.
  •  Impersonation - Ability to impersonate different windows users so that they can access the files according to their access levels.
  •   HDFS Data Sources - Support for reading files in HDFS as a data source.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 23-July-2018)

  •  PostgreSQL 10.3 - ETL Validator Complete now comes embedded with PostgreSQL 10.3. This provides significant improvements in the test execution performance.
  •  Performance - Improved ETL Validator Client performance when connecting to a remote repository.
  •  Performance - Performance improvements to the Metadata Capture. It has been tested with 20000 tables.
  •  Data Model - Data Model window and XML Compare test plan have been deprecated since they are rarely used.
  •  Test Cases - Test Case Description and Priority have been added.
  •  Data Sources - ETL Validator is now certified with SAP HANA as a data source.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 23-Dec-2017)

  •  New Data Sources - Support for Amazon Redshift as a Data Source. ETL Validator can now be used to testing Redshift Data Migration and Data Warehouse projects.
  •  New Data Sources - Support for Snowflake and SAP HANA as Data Sources.
  •  Pick Lists - Support for validating data in transaction tables conforms to an accepted list of values.
  •  Visual Data Model - Ability to visually create the data model and the relations.
  •  Data Profile - Ability to profile tables and check data distribution.
  •  Checksum Test Case - Can be used to compare key metrics across the source and target while allowing for a percentage variation.
  •  XML Compare Test Plan - Can be used to compare two sets of XML files that conform to the same XSD.
  •  Web Service Test Plan - Can be used to extract data from SOAP requests and save them as relational tables in the workschema. This data can then be compared with other data sources.
  •  Environments - Ability to run the same test plan against different environments.
  •  User Experience - Several improvements including new home page, auto detection of data types and differences view.
  •  Performance - Performance improvements while loading data into PostgreSQL for comparison using the COPY feature.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 28-Dec-2016)

  •  New Data Sources - Support for Salesforce as a Data Source. ETL Validator can now be used to testing Salesforce Data Migration and Data Integration projects.
  •  New Data Sources - Support for Apache Drill and Cassandra as Data Sources. Empowers users to validate data in JSON, Parquet & Avro formats located in Hadoop, Mongo, Hive or Apache S3.
  •  New Data Sources - Support for DB2 for iSeries and DB2 for z/OS. Mainframe data can be compared with other data sources.
  •  Reporting - New web based Dashboard showing reports on the Test Case and Test Plan data.
  •  Reporting - Test plans can now be run from the Web using ETL Validator Reports.
  •  Reporting - A new Data Monitor tool for defining the topology of your data sources and reporting on test results.
  •  Continuous Integration - REST API for invoking Test Plans and Test Cases. Several improvements to Command Line Interface.
  •  Usability Improvements - Several usability improvements including the display of Matched and Unmatched data.
  •  New Validations - A new measure validation for comparing measure data (such as counts) with the ability to specify variance.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 08-May-2016)

  •  Query Parameters - Supports for using parameters in queries so that same test case can be executed with different parameter values.
  •  Bi-directional ALM support - ETL tests can be executed from ALM or executed from ETL Validator and the status updated in ALM automatically.
  •  Support for multiple new data sources such as Greenplum, Sybase, MySQL, Vertica.
  •  Support for testing of flat files located in an SFTP location.
  •  Multiple enhancements for simplifying the testing of XML files.
  •  Support for testing of HIVE using Kerberos authentication.
  •  A new Data Profile test case for comparing the aggregate values such as sum, max, min, maxlength etc between source and target data sources.
  •  Web based reporting for viewing test case and test plan results

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 15-May-2015)

  •  Enhanced XML testing capabilities - User can define multiple tables on XML data and execute SQL queries on them.
  •  Ability to tag test cases and test plans for easy filtering.
  •  Deleted test cases are now added to a recycle bin so that the admin can delete them permanently or restore them.
  •  The directory information in the Flat File components is separated out from the test case as a connection so that the directory can be updated automated easily if needed.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 17-Feb-2015)

  •  ETL Validator now supports Excel and XML as a source for testing.
  •  Enhanced installer with automatic check for JDK 1.7 in ETL Validator Complete.
  •  Support for Cloudera as a source for testing bigdata.
  •  Enhanced Flat file testing capability that supports specifying of data types.
  •  Labeling of test cases and test plans. Ability to search based on the labels.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 10-Nov-2014)

  •  ETL Validator Complete now comes with an embedded Postgresql repository so that users can get started with their testing even more faster without the need for Oracle repository.
  •  Support for Cloudera Hadoop (using Hive jdbc driver) as a source for testing bigdata.
  •  Support for Postgresql as a source for testing bigdata.
  •  Enhanced UI experience including checks to ensure that all components of the system are functional as expected.
  •  Query Compare test case now supports comparing of Data Profile (eg. count, max, min, avg, maxlength etc) as an alternative to comparing the complete dataset. This feature is very useful when there is a very large dataset to be compared between source and target databases.
  •  Performance improvements to enhance user experience when the repository is located remotely.
  •  Capability to search for test cases and test plans.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 13-May-2014)

  •  Support for converting data types on the fly during comparison in Table Validation whenever there is a data type mismatch.
  •  Option to automatically trim spaces before comparison in the table validation.
  •  Support for 800x600 screen resolution.
  •  Performance improvement to the Data Rules Test Plan.
  •  Bug fix related to loading of fixed width flat file.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 27-March-2014)

  •  Users can now export and share data comparison results (only in Source, only in Target, Differences) with other team members.
  •  The log clearly indicates the number of rows loaded for flat files during test case execution.
  •  Improved configuration for flat file Components. Now, users can specify the number of records to load from flat files.
  •  Users can stop a test case that is currently being executed.
  •  Order of columns in the query generated by the "Component Test Case Wizard" reflects the order in which the columns appear in the table.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  •  Data Migration Wizard: New wizard that simplifies the creation of Test Cases for Data Migration projects.
  •  Enhanced support for continuous Integration:: Test Cases and Test Plans can be kicked off from command line. This enables customers to streamline their development and testing processes.
  •  User Interface Improvements: User Interface and performance improvements for Test cases and Test plans.
  •  Certified with the latest versions of Netezza, DB2 and Terradata databases.
  •  Query Compare Test Plan: New Test Plan that can be used to group and execute Query Compare Test Cases.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 12-Feb-2014)

  •  Enhanced Access Control: Only users with "Administrator" privilege or owners of the test cases will have the privilege to edit them. Other users have Read Only access.
  •  Recoverability: Test Cases can be soft deleted and provisioned for purge by the administrator.
  •  Easier Import: New wizard that simplifies the process of importing test cases and ETL test plans.
  •  Enhanced support for continuous Integration: Test Plans can be invoked from PLSQL procedures. This enables customers to streamline their development and testing processes.
  •  Bug Fix: Timezone related issue for test plans.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 4-Dec-2013)

  •  qProbe has been rebranded as ETL Validator as part of this release.
  •  Features a new and improved look & feel for the home page.
  •  Added Data Rules Test Plan and Data Rules Component for defining data rules and checking data consistancy and accurancy.
  •  Added Foreign Key Compare Test Plan for checking the data integrity of the foreign key relationships.
  •  Added Baseline and Compare Test Plan for identifying data changes to tables.
  •  Added Metadata Compare Test Plan for capturing and comparing table, index and column metadata.
  •  New wizard based look for ETL Test Plan (formerly Test Plan).
  •  New accordian menu that shows Test Cases, Test Plans, DB/BI Connections.
  •  New Simple ETL Test Case for creating a Test Case that compares data output from Source and Target queries.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 15-May-2013)

  •  Capability to create and update templates for Flat files metadata and rules so that the rules can be reused in multiple test cases and components.
  •  Added a new rule type called 'Custom SQL Query' that allows the user to enter a SQL query without being restricted to the query builder.
  •  Several new rules for flat files are now available out-of-the-box.
  •  Bug fix related to copying of test cases and test folders.
  •  File watcher now allows specifying parallel run count for test plans.
  •  Enhancements to server log capture and display. It now shows the file watcher log.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 5-May-2013)

  •  Support in DB component to specify primary key columns.
  •  Capability to export and import column definitions in flat file components for reuse in other components.
  •  Capability to specify 'Key columns' for flat file component so that the error report shown will contain these Key columns along with the error columns.
  •  Capability to classify rules as 'Error'/'Warning' in Flat File component.
  •  Added 'Error Report' with Key columns and error column data for flat file component that can be downloaded.
  •  File watcher capability to automatically kickoff Test Plan and Test Case execution based on files FTP'ed to a folder.
  •  Ability to specify Test case dependencies which determines the order of their execution. This will allow reuse of components across test cases.
  •  Support for lookup (domain) based validation rules in flat file components to verify that data is a specific column is in the valid list of values.
  •  Support for copying of test cases with flat file components
  •  Support for specifying synonyms for Database and Flat File components. This feature is helpful in referring to components result/benchmark tables in other components/test cases.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 24-March-2013)

  •  Performance improvements to support flat files with more than 400 columns.
  •  New rules to support additional validations for flat file such as data types, domains.
  •  Added a new component called script component that can be used to process updates to data in workschema.
  •  Support SMTP servers without authentication for sending out Test Plan run results.
  •  Organize rules and run history in the Flat File component based on columns for which rules have been defined for.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes (Released on 1-Feb-2013)

  •  Changes to column names shown in the flat file component are not being used while creating the table for storing data from flat files.
  •  During the creation of Data Model for query builder functionality, the list of tables being imported is blank. User can however write their own queries and run tests for SQL Server

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