Data Flow​

Unified DataOps Automation Platform for your Data Analytics Projects.

Key Features

Data Quality

Data Flow helps you detect data quality issues early on while the data is getting ingested. It automatically profiles the data being ingested and provides easy to use rules for checking data quality.​

Data Migration

Say NO to tedious, erratic tools and processes for Data Migration. Data Flow is a fast, easy, reliable, affordable and capable of migrating any kind of data.

Data Mapping

Data Flow gives you the ability to handle schema changes effectively. Change or rename columns and convert their data types never like before. ​

Component based solution

Data Flow uses a component based approach to ingest, process, validate, transform and synchronize your data. Build & run data flow and see results in minutes.

Connect to any data source

We support your data source in whichever form it is. You think of any kind of data source – whether it is a relational, NoSQL, cloud, or file data source – we support all.

Deploy on premise or on cloud

Data Flow is engineered to suit almost every kind of topology – be it on -premise (Standalone, Hadoop) or cloud-based (AWS, Azure, Google) deployment.

Built on top of spark

Data Flow is built using Apache Spark, a distributed data processing engine that can process large volumes of data in parallel and in-memory. ​

Data Reconciliation

Our data compare solution helps you find differences between source and target data. Ensure there are no discrepancies and reconciliation is done with absolute confidence.​

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