Salesforce Integration Testing

Automation Integration Testing of Salesforce Data

How does ETL Validator help with Integration Testing of

How does ETL Validator access data from

How to compare data between Oracle ERP and

  • JDBC or ODBC Driver

    ETL Validator already supports JDBC driver from Simba for Salesforce. Any of the test cases (eg. Query Compare) can be used to compare data between Oracle and Salesforce. For other JDBC drivers, ETL Validator provides a Generic JDBC driver option.

  • REST API / JSON Data

    Apache Drill can be used to query on JSON data. ETL Validator supports Apache Drill as a data source.

  • SOAP Services

    ETL Validator supports SOAP Services as a data source. It also has a Web Service test plan for extracting data from the SOAP services for the purpose of testing and data comparison with data in Oracle database.

What kind of Use cases can be tested?

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