Test Automation using BI Validator

Oracle BI to Power BI

Ensure successful migration by validating your reports from Oracle BI to Power BI with BI Validator.

Row-Level Security (RLS)

BI Validator now supports the testing of Row-Level Security (RLS) by applying different Roles/Users to the reports and comparing the data.

Enterprise Collaboration

Test Plans and test results can be shared between team members. Tests can be scheduled and results emailed.

Perform End-to-End Power BI testing

BI Validator helps automate the comparison of report data with database query output thus enabling end-to-end testing of Power BI reports and dashboards.

Key Features & Benefits

BI Validator

Automate the Functional, Regression, and Stress testing of Microsoft Power BI Reports

Regression Testing

Baseline and compare Power BI Reports, Pages, Visuals, Filters, and Datasets using BI Validator’s Power BI test plan.

Visual Data Validation

Map and compare visual data with data from database SQL query for end-to-end testing of your Power BI reports thus helping build trust in your data.

Stress Testing

Validate the performance of your reports by simulating concurrent user load on your Power BI service and identify pages that are not meeting your SLA.

DAX Query Validation

Automatically generate DAX Queries and validate reports to identify Dataset Model inconsistencies.

BI Validator is the most comprehensive testing automation solution for Microsoft Power BI Service.