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Data Warehouse Testing, Data Migration Testing, Data Synchronization Testing, Master Data Management (MDM) Testing, Flat file Testing

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Key Features Automate Testing of ETL, Flat Files, XML and Big Data

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Patented ELV Architecture.

ETL Validator makes use of our patented ELV Architecture to automate ETL Testing. It supports extraction of test data from multiple sources such as relational databases, XML, Flat Files, BI and Hadoop. The test data is loaded into a workschema (Oracle or Postgresql database) so that validations can be run on it. ELV (Extract, Load, Validate) Architecture consists of the following three steps:

Extract test data (and metadata) from heterogeneous data sources.

Load the test data into a workschema (oracle or postgresql database).

Validate test data by comparing it within the workschema.

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New features in ETL Validator v3.4.5

Some of the key new features of ETL Validat v3.4.5 are listed below. In addition, this version includes several performance and usability improvements.
Salesforce Testing Data Migration & Data Integration
Web based Reporting Dashboard for test cases/test plans
NoSQL data sources Apache Drill, MongoDB, Cassandra
Continuous Integration REST API & improved CLI

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