About Us

Our vision is empowering our customers with trustworthy Business Intelligence and Data.

Who We Are

Trusted Globally by more than 70 Companies for Data Test Automation Solutions

Datagaps(Indian Entity – Nanyata Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) is passionate about data-driven testing automation. Our flagship solutions, ETL Validator, Data Flow & BI Validator, are designed to help customers automate the testing of ETL, BI, Database, Data Lake, Flat File, and XML Data Sources. Our tools support Snowflake, Tableau, Amazon Redshift, Oracle Analytics, Salesforce, Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos etc., data warehousing projects and BI platforms.

Mission Statement

Datagaps was started in the year 2010 with the mission of building trust in enterprise data and reports. We provide software for ETL Data Automation, Data Synchronization, Data Quality, Data Transformation, Test Data Generation, and BI Test Automation. Datagaps is an innovative company focused on providing the highest customer satisfaction.

Our Values


We are service centric and strive to make our customers 100% happy.


We work hard. Insanely hard.


We understand our responsibilities and we deliver. We need no monitoring.


We brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas.


Love customers, Love employees, UX understanding the users.

Our Journey

Awards & Recognition

Datagaps was selected for Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Companies by the CIO Review magazine for its BigData 100 special edition.

Datagaps was awarded US patent US20120290527 – Data extraction and testing method and system for its ELV (Extract-Load-Validate) Architecture.

Datagaps’ ETL Validator earned Informatica’s Seal of Approval because of the rich feature set it provides to simplify data and ETL testing.

Our Top Customers

Our customers include several fortune 500 companies in the Financial, Auto, Technology, Education, Transportation and Government Sectors.

Automation of your DataOps is easy now!

Achieve 100% Data Quality and Data Testing Automation using Datagaps’ Solutions.

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