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Generate compliant test data required for your comprehensive testing needs, independently without technical help using Datagaps Test Data Manager. A Top-Notch Test Data Management Tool

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Benefits of Test Data Manager

Test Data Manager is a one-stop solution for creating & managing test data as per your needs.


Cost Reduction

Simulating “close to production” data sets during testing significantly reduces rework and defects pre-launch, leading to cost-effective application maintenance.

Faster Time to Market

Synthetic test data creation expedites testing cycles and thus enabling organizations to deliver data intensive projects faster

Enhanced Productivity

 With automatic generation of test data, Business Analysts and Testing Teams can focus on more value-added tasks saving time and effort in the long run

Key Features

With DataOps Test Data Manager, build test data quickly and easily, start testing early, and deliver working software on time. An easy-to-use test data management tool with a simple test data generator.

Synthetic Test Data for Complete Test Coverage

Test Data Manager (TDM) is a self-service application that allows QA professionals to build test data on their own. Using Test Data Manager, QA teams can build, store, manage, edit, subset, mask, and find test data required to cover test scenarios. Testers don’t have to wait or search for the right test data. One of the best test data management tools available with an easy-to-use test data generator tool.

Stay GDPR Compliant

With Datagaps Test Data Manager, hide sensitive and private data and convert it into meaningful, usable data. Implement best practices around data masking and avoid legal problems associated with GDPR.

Synthetic Data Generation

Increase test coverage by leveraging powerful synthetic data generation mechanism to create the smallest set of data needed for comprehensive testing as well as for specific business case scenarios.

Generate Your Own Test Data

Our Test Data Manager software helps test data engineers create, manage, and provision the data required for testing, independently without technical help. With data always ready, testers are always one step ahead in running test cases and which helps them easily meet software delivery deadlines.

Dynamic Data Masking

Mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data before loading to Test environments. Our intelligent Data Masking feature provides reliable test data, helps testers execute test cycles and scenarios faster and reduces testing cost.

Case Study

The Six Critical Components of Data Testing

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FAQ's about Test Data Manager

What is Synthetic Data?

Synthetic data is artificially generated data created algorithmically rather than by real-world events. It mimics the statistical properties of real data without including any actual sensitive or personal information.

Why is Synthetic Data Vital in Data Testing?

Synthetic data is vital in data testing because it allows developers and testers to conduct thorough testing without the risk of exposing sensitive real-world data. It ensures privacy compliance and provides scalable testing material that can help in improving the accuracy and robustness of various systems under diverse scenarios.

What Does Datagaps Test Data Manager Do?

Datagaps Test Data Manager automates the creation, management, and deployment of test data. It helps ensure high-quality testing by generating realistic and relevant data scenarios for thorough validation of data-driven applications, thus reducing risks and accelerating the development cycle without compromising data privacy or security. 

What sets Test Data Manager apart in synthetic data generation?

Datagaps Test Data Manager utilizes advanced AI algorithms to create highly realistic and accurate synthetic data, ensuring both efficiency in testing and adherence to privacy regulations.

How does Test Data Manager streamline the test data preparation process?

The tool significantly reduces manual efforts and time in data preparation by automating data pattern learning and synthetic data generation, leading to quicker, more efficient testing cycles.

Can Test Data Manager be integrated with existing testing environments?

Yes, it is designed for seamless integration with various testing environments, supporting multiple data formats and ETL platforms, enhancing its adaptability and ease of use.

How does Test Data Manager contribute to data privacy and compliance?

By generating synthetic data that mimics real data patterns without using actual sensitive information, it helps organizations comply with stringent data privacy laws like GDPR and HIPAA.

Is Test Data Manager suitable for large-scale data generation needs?

Absolutely, Test Data Manager can efficiently generate large volumes of synthetic data, making it ideal for organizations handling extensive testing requirements.


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