Test Data Manager

Deliver compliant test data and achieve new heights in software testing.

Key Features

Stay GDPR Compliant

With Datagaps Test Data Manager, hide sensitive and private data and convert it to meaningful, usable data. Implement best practices around data masking and avoid legal problems associated with GDPR. ​

Synthentic Test Data

Increase test coverage by leveraging powerful synthetic data generation mechanism to create the smallest set of data needed for comprehensive testing as well as for specific business case scenarios. Keep test data ready for unforeseen scenarios and unexpected shortfalls.

Build your own Test Data

Our Test Data Manager software helps test data engineers create, manage, and provision the data required for testing, independently without technical help. With data always ready, testers are always one step ahead in running test cases and which helps them easily meet software delivery deadlines.

Data Masking

Mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data before loading to Test environments. Our intelligent Data Masking feature provides reliable test data, helps testers execute test cycles and scenarios faster and reduces testing cost. ​

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