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Challenges in Data Warehouse Testing

Data Warehouse Testing is different from application testing because it requires a data centric testing approach. Some of the challenges in Data Warehouse Testing are: 
  1. Data Warehouse testing involves comparing of large volumes of data typically millions of records.
  2. Data that needs to be compared can be in heterogeneous data sources such as databases, flat files etc.
  3. Data is often transformed which might require complex SQL queries for comparing the data.
  4. Data Warehouse testing is very much dependent on the availability of test data with different test scenarios.
  5. BI tools such as OBIEE, Cognos, Business Objects and Tableau generate reports on the fly based on a metadata model. Testing various combinations of attributes and measures can be a huge challenge.
  6. The volume of the reports and the data can also make it very challenging to test these reports for regression, stress and functionality.

Data Warehouse Testing Categories

A Data-centric testing approach for ETL and BI Testing.

Basics of ETL testing in a Data Warehouse along with samples SQL Queries.

Basics of BI Testing Functionality, Regression, Security & Performance of Reports.

Tools for Data Warehouse Testing Automation

Our products empower complete data warehouse testing automation.

ETL Validator

ETL Validator is a data testing tool that greatly simplifies the testing of Data Integration, Data Warehouse and Data Migration projects. It makes use of our patented ELV architecture to Extract, Load and Validate data from data sources such as databases, flat files, XML, Hadoop and Cloud systems. It has an inbuilt ETL engine capable of comparing millions of records.

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BI Validator

BI Validator is the most comprehensive Regression, Performance and Stress Testing tool for Business Intelligence Platforms such as Tableau, Oracle Analytics, Cognos and BusinessObjects. Its easy to use Test Plans empower users to quickly create and execute tests in a matter of minutes without the need to do any custom programming.

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