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Streamline DataOps to achieve 100% Data Quality and Data Testing Automation.

BI Validator

The most comprehensive Functional, Regression, Performance and Stress Testing tool for Business Intelligence Platforms such as Tableau, Oracle Analytics, BusinessObjects and Cognos. 

ETL Validator

A data testing tool that greatly simplifies the testing of Data Integration, Data Warehouse and Data Migration projects.

DataOps DataFlow

A holistic, modern component-based design platform for automating Data Integration and Data Management projects.

Test Data Manager


The simplified Test Data Management platform with Data Masking and on-demand test data generation capabilities.

Expert Services for Your Data Testing Automation

Our Expert Consultants are ready to provide you with various Automated Data Testing Services depending on your needs and resources.

Popular Use Cases

Datagaps’ Great Data Platform offers complete regression, functional and performance testing capabilities for your Data, ETL and BI projects. 

Automate Cloud Data Migration Testing

Make your cloud data migration successful with Datagaps’ Great Data Platform which helps you perform comprehensive testing to validate data quality and compatibility in the target cloud environment.

Broadcom Review on Datagaps ETL Validator

ETL Validator has really freed the IT department to look at real business problems and not worry about the trust and veracity of the data…

Benefits of DataOps Automation

100% Data Validation

Validate 100% of the data and not just a few rows.​

Cost Reduction

Reduces cost by automating the test case execution.


Testing automation enables repeatability of tests.

Time to Market

Reduces time to market by shortening the testing time.

Our Value Proposition

Improve Data & BI Quality. Expedite Time to Market. Minimize Cost.

Data Quality Testing
  1. Define data rules to automate the data quality checks.
  2. Referential Integrity checks for orphan records.
  3. Data Accuracy checks.
  4. Data Profiling.
  5. Validate the quality of data in flat files.
  6. Validate the quality of data in Hadoop (HDFS).
ETL Testing

Automate testing of ETL by simplifying the comparison of source and target data.

  1. Compare Source and Target data for completeness.
  2. Compare data between flat files and databases.
  3. Check Fact – to – Dimension referential integrity.
  4. Monitor key measures across all environments in production.
  5. Compare data in Hadoop (HDFS) or Hive with data in databases.
  6. Compare data profiles between source and target.
BI Testing

Automate testing of Business Intelligence applications by making use of the metadata available from the BI tools such as Tableau, OBIEE, and Business Objects.

  1. Regression Testing of dashboards and reports.
  2. Stress testing of dashboards while simulating concurrent user loads.
  3. Adhoc report testing for validation of different combination of attributes and measures.
  4. Impact analysis of BI tool metadata changes.
  5. Performance Testing and monitoring of dashboards and reports.
  6. Functional Testing of Tableau workbooks.
Data Integration
  1. All-in one platform for data transformation, data comparison, data quality, and data synchronization.
  2. Use the power of Apache Spark to build and run data flows in minutes.
  3. Process data fast and execute multiple requests in parallel.
  4. Reconcile data with zero discrepancies.
  5. Add value to the Data Analytics projects and save money.
Test Data Management
  1. Mask PII data from production environments.
  2. Easy provision of test data for testing complex test scenarios.
  3. Create the right size of test data for the right context.
  4. Create GDPR compliant-ready test data.
  5. Reduced waiting time for testers to access the required test data.


Customer Success

We pride ourselves in providing great customer service with the highest customer satisfaction.​

Designed for data-driven projects in agile environments, Datagaps ETL Validator provides an excellent mechanism for Informatica customers to drastically simplify their testing.
Scott Geffre

Vice President, Informatica Marketplace

We evaluated multiple products in the market and found that ETL Validator is the best product for ETL Testing Automation. It is the only ETL Testing Tool that can get data from multiple sources and compare it with the target in a single test case.

Upendra Chennupati

Digital Insight

Select Customers

Our customers include several fortune 500 companies in the Financial, Auto, Technology, Education, Transportation and Government Sectors.​

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