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The most comprehensive BI Validation Tool for Tableau, Oracle Analytics and Microsoft Power BI designed specifically for BI Testers and Analysts.

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Benefits of BI Report Testing Automation using BI Validator

BI Validator is a no-code BI Testing Tool to automate the Regression, Stress, Performance and Functional testing of BI Reports and Dashboards.

Better Decisions

Reliable reports result in better decisions that impact the bottom line for organizations

Higher Adoption

Testing automation improves trustworthiness of the reports and results in better adoption


Cost Reduction

Testing Automation minimizes the need for human intervention and thus the time and the money it takes to deliver quality

Key Features of BI Validator

Automated Testing of Upgrades & Migrations

Regression testing of Report UI & Data

Baseline and automatically compare reports to identify data and UI differences.

Compare different environments

Easily test reports, data and dashboards from UAT, Development and Production environments.

No code Testing

Integrates with the BI tools making it easy to automate BI testing. It uses the BI tool metadata to completely eliminate the need for custom programming.

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Functional Testing of New Deployments

Functional Testing of New Deployments

Identify differences between Report & SQL output

Build trust in the reports by comparing the report data (actual) with the SQL Query output (expected).

Filters & Parameters Testing

Automatically retrieve Filters and Parameters making it easy to test the values displayed in a filter and apply them before running the reports.

Compare Summary to Detail report data

Compare aggregate metrics in a summary report with data in a detailed report.

Performance & Stress testing of BI Reports

Performance testing of BI dashboards

Monitor dashboard and report performance periodically in production environment. Capture performance metrics while applying filters and parameters.

Stress testing of BI dashboards

Simulate concurrent user load and gather performance statistics with varying user loads. Identify performance bottlenecks in your BI environment.

Wizard-Based Test Creation

Easy Wizard-Based Test Creation

Bulk creation of Test Cases

Create hundreds of tests with a single drag and drop of your project folders instead of creating one test at a time.

Embedded Browsers to simplify Test creation

Create your tests by making filter and parameter selections in an embedded browser.

Enterprise Collaboration

Test results are automatically stored in a central repository for sharing and better collaboration between the team members.

Enables Continuous Integration For BI

Integrates with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins & GitLab

BI Validator provides a command line interface and REST API for kicking off test plans. Customers can use this interface to execute tests automatically from Jenkins or GitLab.

Scheduling and Email Notifications

Test plans can be scheduled and key stakeholders are automatically notified by email.

Enables Continuous Integration

Supported BI Platforms

BI Validator – BI Testing Tool to automate the testing of the following BI Platforms : Oracle Analytics, Power BI & Tableau

Case Study

Tableau Data Validation for a Pharma Giant

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FAQ's about BI Validator

What is BI Testing?

BI Testing is the process of validating the data, performance, and functionality of business intelligence reports to ensure they are accurate and reliable before they are deployed for business decision-making. 

How to Automate BI Testing?

Automating BI Testing involves using specialized tools that perform automated data validation, load testing, and functional checks, which streamline the testing process and reduce room for error.

What is BI Validator?

BI Validator is a cutting-edge BI automation testing tool designed for comprehensive BI validations. It automates BI reports and BI dashboard testing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in BI environments.

How does BI Validator streamline BI testing?

BI Validator simplifies BI testing by providing a no-code platform for automated BI report testing. It enables seamless regression, stress, and performance testing, making the process faster and more reliable.

Can BI Validator be used for testing Power BI reports?

Absolutely. BI Validator can handle test automation for Power BI reports, ensuring that your Power BI dashboards and reports function correctly and efficiently.

Is BI Validator suitable for automated testing of BI dashboards?

Yes, BI Validator excels in automated testing of BI dashboards, providing tools to validate data integrity, performance, and user experience across different BI platforms.

What types of testing can BI Validator perform?

BI Validator can perform various tests, including functional, regression, stress, and performance tests, making it a versatile choice for BI validations.

How does BI Validator ensure the accuracy of BI reports?

BI Validator ensures the accuracy of BI reports by automating the comparison of report outputs to baseline data, detecting discrepancies, and validating data sources and transformations.

Can BI Validator handle complex BI Dashboards?

Absolutely. BI Validator is designed to handle complex BI dashboards, allowing users to validate intricate data interactions and visualizations effectively.

How does BI Validator contribute to BI report testing efficiency?

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks in BI report testing, BI Validator significantly increases efficiency, reduces error, and speeds up the testing cycle.


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