Data Warehouse Services

Datagaps is led by a team of ex-oracle employees that have implemented Oracle BI Applications for Oracle. Datagaps specializes in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence services including Architecture, Installation and Setup, Development and Testing.

Architecture Services

High level and Low level designs

Development Services

ETL and BI Development

Installation & Setup Services

Operations and Maintenance

Testing Services

Automated testing using our tools

Datagaps Agile BI Development Methodology

Our Methodology makes use of a hybrid approach to Bill Inmon’s and Ralph Kimball’s where the High Level Design is done considering the data warehouse and development is done with focus on individual datamarts using Agile methodology.

Methodology : Phase 1

The goal of Phase 1 is to come up with a high level design for Data Warehouse. Some of the key deliverables for Phase 1 are well defined Report Catalog, High Level Designs for the reporting Subject Areas, Data Mapping and Logical Data Model:

  • Analysis: Gather key business questions, KPIs in a report catalog.
  • High Level Design: Create high level design for Reports, Subject Areas, Data Model and Data Mapping.
  • Release Planning: Prioritize reports and create user story backlog for all work.

Methodology : Phase 2

ETL Validator makes it easy to test most common ETL testing scenarios by providing out-of-the-box support. Comes with an inbuilt Query Builder.

  • Low Level Design: OLAP Data Model Design (star schemas), ETL Mapping Design (source to target data mapping designs with transformation logic) and Report Design.
  • Development & Testing: Development of ETL and Reports in sprints using Agile Methodology. Automated Testing using Continuous Integration.
  • Operations & Maintenance: Setup development, testing, UAT and Production environments. Automate deployments.

Methodology : Roles

We recommend organizing the teams into scrums and development be done in sprints as per the agile methodology.

  • Customer Roles: Key roles such as Product Owner, Project Manager and Business Analyst are with the Customer so that they have a sense of ownership of the application.
  • Datagaps Roles: Design, Development and Testing roles such as Team Lead/Tech Lead, ETL Developer, Report Development and QA Analyst can be augmented by Datagaps.