Test Automation for Oracle Analytics

The most comprehensive testing automation solution for Oracle Analytics – OBIEE, OAC, OAS, OTBI.

BI Test Automation for Oracle Analytics

Successfully used by Oracle Corporation for Oracle Analytics testing internally.

Oracle Analytics Testing Features & Benefits

Automate Functional, Regression and Stress Testing of Oracle Analytics Dashboards, Reports, Subject Areas & Security.


Dashboard & Report Testing

Baseline and compare Dashboard & Report snapshots to identify data and layout differences.


Performance Testing

Monitor dashboard and report performance periodically in production environment.​

Stress Testing

Stress Testing

Simulate concurrent user load and gather view performance statistics with varying user load.​

OAS Upgrade Testing

OAS Upgrade Testing

Compare pre and post upgrade dashboards / reports or across environments.

View Testing

Subject Area Testing

Perform adhoc report testing by automatically generating thousands of logical queries.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Map and compare report data with data from database SQL query to validate the reports.

OAC Migration Testing

OAC Migration Testing

Compare data of reports generated by OBIEE, OAC and OTBI to validate Oracle Cloud migration.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Baseline and compare the catalog object permissions to identify report access issues.

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

Test Plans and Test Plans results are shared between team. Tests can be scheduled and results emailed.​

Patented ELV Architecture

Enables Continuous Integration for Oracle BI

By automating the BI Regression and Performance testing, BI Validator enables Continuous Integration for Oracle Analytics report development.

  • Integrates with Jenkins: BI Validator provides a command line interface for kicking of Test Plans. Customers have used this interface to execute tests automatically from Jenkins.
  • Email Notifications: Key stakeholders are automatically notified by email.
  • Web Reporting: BI Validator comes with out-of-the-box web reporting. Queries can be executed on the BI Validator repository for additional reporting.
Enables Continuous Integration for BI​
Compare Report Data & UI

Automated Regression Testing

BI Validator integrates with Oracle Analytics SOAP Services making it easy to automate BI testing. It uses the Oracle Analytics metadata to completely eliminate the need for custom programming.

  • Report UI & data Testing: Baseline and compare reports to automatically identify data and UI differences.
  • Prompts Testing: BI Validator automatically retrieves dashboard prompts making it easy to test the list of values displayed in a prompts as well as applying them.
  • PDF Snapshot Comparison: BI Validator compares PDF snapshots of the dashboards and highlights the differences intuitively.

OA Performance and Stress testing

Upgrade with peace by comparing Oracle Analytics (OAC & OAS) dashboard performance before and after the upgrade.

  • Performance testing: BI Validator automates performance testing of OA dashboards by accurately measuring the time taken by initial page load and complete load events.
  • Stress testing: The performance of the OA dashboards and reports under concurrent user load can be tested using the stress test plan. Stress testing can be very helpful when adding new users or upgrading to a version of Oracle Analytics.
OBIEE Performance & Stress Testing
OBIEE end-to-end Testing

Perform End-to-end OA testing

BI Validator helps automate the comparison of report data with database query output thus enabling end-to-end testing of Oracle Analytics reports and dashboards.

  • Compare Report to SQL Query output: Connect to any ODBC enabled data source and compare OA report data with SQL Query output from the ODBC data source,
  • BI Tool Migration testing: BI Validator makes it simple to compare the data between reports from different BI tools. Data from OBIEE, OAC, OAS, OTBI, Business Objects, Cognos and Tableau can be compared with each other.
  • Compare Summary to Detail report data: Compare aggregate metrics in a summary report with data in a detail report.

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