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ETL Validator Key Features & Benefits

Automate Testing of ETL, Relational, Flat Files, XML, NoSQL, Cloud, and Big Data Sources.

ETL Testing Automation

ETL Testing Automation

Comes with an inbuilt ETL engine capable of extracting & comparing millions of records from multiple data sources while executing test cases in parallel.


Visual Test Case Builder

Has a unique visual test case builder with drag & drop capabilities and a query builder that enables defining tests without manually typing in queries.​

Stress Testing

Data Quality Testing

Provides a data model driven interface for defining data rules to verify that the data conforms to quality standards and range of values.

Upgrade Testing

Data Profile Testing

Compare aggregate data such as counts, sum, distinct counts between source and target instead of comparing large volumes of data.​

Database Metadata Testing

DB Metadata Testing

Helps audit changes to the metadata – data types, lengths, indexes. Simplifies comparison of database schema across environments.


Baselining Capabilities

This powerful feature can be used for testing of incremental ETL, slowly changing dimensions and ETL regression testing.

Migration Testing

End-to-End Data Testing

Supports comparison of data across heterogeneous platforms including the most popular relational databases, Hadoop, XML and Flat Files.​

Report Testing

Flat File Testing

Define rules for automatically validating data in each column in the incoming file. Has a builtin file watcher that automatically detects new files and kicks off tests.

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

Capability to assemble and schedule test plans. Email notification, web reporting and ALM integration enables sharing of test results.

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Patented ELV Architecture

ETL Transformation Testing

Component test case supports testing of ETL transformations by providing a visual test case builder that supports extracting test data from multiple sources in a single test case.

  • DB Component: Supports Source Qualifier, Lookup, Sort and Joiner Transformations.
  • Script Component: Supports procedure transformation.
  • Baselining Capability: Target data can be saved as a baseline and used to compare with latest data for regression testing.
Data Transformation Testing
Data Sources

Connects to Popular Data Sources

ETL Validator connects to a wide variety of data sources. From time to time, we are constantly adding support for many modern data sources. If you don’t see a data source of yours, please send an email to us with your question.

  • Relational Databases: Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, IBM Netezza, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Aurora, SAP HANA.
  • Cloud Data Warehouses: Snowflake, Redshift, Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Data Lake: AWS S3, Hadoop Hive, Cloudera, Hortonworks
  • Flat Files: Delimited Files (eg. CSV), Fixed width Files, XML, Microsoft Excel
  • SAAS: Salesforce

Easy Wizard Based Test Creation

ETL Validator makes it easy to test most common ETL testing scenarios by providing out-of-the-box support. Comes with an in-built Query Builder.

  • Data Quality Testing: Data Accuracy, Duplicates, Referential Integrity checks.
  • ETL Testing: Source to target data and data profile comparison, Incremental ETL testing.
  • Metadata Testing: Compare metadata across environments, Source to target metadata checks.
No Coding Required
Continuous Integration

Enables Continuous Integration

By automating the data testing, ETL Validator enables Continuous Integration for your ETL Projects.

  • Integrates with Jenkins: ETL Validator provides a command line interface for kicking of Test Plans. Customers have used this interface to execute tests automatically from Jenkins.
  • Email Notifications: Key stakeholders are automatically notified by email.
  • Web Reporting: ETL Validator comes with out-of-the-box web reporting. Queries can be executed on the ETL Validator repository for additional reporting.

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