DataOps Suite Accelerates CI/CD for Data Pipelines Through Testing Automation 

CI/CD for Data Pipelines with Testing Automation

The DataOps Suite is revolutionizing CI/CD pipelines for data and code validation. This suite enhances cloud development’s speed, quality, and reliability, promising a new era of efficiency for continuous integration and continuous deployment.

What is DataOps?

As Gartner defines it, “DataOps is a collaborative data management practice focused on improving the communication, integration, and automation of data flows between data managers and data consumers across an organization. DataOps aims to deliver value faster by creating predictable delivery and change management of data, data models, and related artifacts.”

Advantages of Automated Testing in CI/CD Pipelines

Prompt feedback   
Automated testing can run continually and fast, providing prompt feedback when flaws are identified.

Improved collaboration   
Automating testing and deployment can assist development, testing, and operations teams in working more efficiently and effectively, lowering the stake of errors and miscommunication.  
Rapid deployment   
Automated CI/CD pipelines can facilitate companies to build, test, and deploy changes in code, data, or models faster than manually integrating changes.  
Improved MTTR  
CI/CD can support reducing the average time it takes to recover from a probable failure, measured by the MTTR.  
Automated data compliance can offer complete transparency by allowing authorized personnel to access updated compliance data immediately.  
Reduced manual effort  
 Test automation can reduce manual effort when the same test must be run repeatedly, freeing time for more rigorous manual tests.  
Boost data accuracy  
Automated tests can be more precise and cover better test cases.  
Product consistency  
Automated testing can help generate and compare numerous test results, ensuring product consistency.  
Faster delivery of high-quality software  
Automated GUI testing can help developers identify and fix issues more quickly, reducing the time it takes to deliver high-quality software.  
Efficient Pipeline Management with DataOps Suite Create a more reliable system for Data Pipeline with DataOps Suite.

The DataOps Suite offers end-to-end comprehensive data validation tools for both data and code pipelines:  
Dual Pipeline Orchestration: Simplifies complex data and code workflow efficiency across environments.  
Advance Data Observability: Supervises data and code pipelines and proactively maintains high quality and performance standards.  
Deployment Automation: Opts CI/CD principles for effortless updates and integrations, decreasing downtime.  
Testing Automation: Ensures data integrity and code functionality data validation.  

Integration and Impact

The DataOps Suite provides easy-to-use connectivity for data sources and coding environments, thorough testing and validation by development and operational standards, and smooth transitions and upgrades seamlessly integrating into existing CI/CD frameworks. 

Success Story

A renowned tech company leveraged the DataOps Suite to reconcile its data and code pipelines, resulting in a 40% decrease in deployment cycles and a 30% improvement in data and code quality.

DataOps Suite can help with CI/CD to easily streamline the overall cloud development process and maintain high data quality and reliability. DataGaps recently went live on a webinar sharing “Accelerate CI/CD for Data Pipelines with Testing Automation” in which we shared how our Industry Agnostic DataOps Suite aids in accelerating data pipelines within CI/CD. They automate repetitive tasks, bring teams together, and give you a clear view of what is happening. This makes your data pipelines run smoother and faster and, most importantly, delivers high-quality data you can trust for your applications and reports.  
In CI/CD data pipelines, catching bugs early mimics the benefits of early bug detection in software development. It alleviates pressure on data engineers, fosters higher code quality, prevents downstream issues, and allows for quicker resolution, ultimately building a solid foundation for reliable data flow. 

Hidden Defects in your Data Pipeline?

Looking for Reduced Downstream Impacts?


Established in the year 2010 with the mission of building trust in enterprise data & reports. Datagaps provides software for ETL Data Automation, Data Synchronization, Data Quality, Data Transformation, Test Data Generation, & BI Test Automation. An innovative company focused on providing the highest customer satisfaction. We are passionate about data-driven test automation. Our flagship solutions, ETL ValidatorDataFlow, and BI Validator are designed to help customers automate the testing of ETL, BI, Database, Data Lake, Flat File, & XML Data Sources. Our tools support Snowflake, Tableau, Amazon Redshift, Oracle Analytics, Salesforce, Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse, SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos, etc., data warehousing projects, and BI platforms. 

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Automate testing of Business Intelligence applications by making use of the metadata available from the BI tools such as Tableau, OBIEE, and Business Objects.

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Automate testing of Business Intelligence applications by making use of the metadata available from the BI tools such as Tableau, OBIEE, and Business Objects.

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Automate testing of Business Intelligence applications by making use of the metadata available from the BI tools such as Tableau, OBIEE, and Business Objects.

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Automate testing of Business Intelligence applications by making use of the metadata available from the BI tools such as Tableau, OBIEE, and Business Objects.

DataOps Suite

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