Most of the use cases that we encounter are for DW scenarios. However, recently, we are also seeing many scenarios for testing transactional systems. This blog is to highlight on one such example.

The customer offers a survey related product and the configuration/setup is driven primarily by database level configurations across many tables. They provide a means for customers to develop using a “Development” database, once everything looks good, move the data to “Stage” and then to “Production” once UAT is complete. While this process may seem pretty straight forward, one of the key challenges for them is  that when they push the data from lower environments to upper environments, few records may fail to get copied over properly and the surveys were not getting pushed as expected to mobile devices. This was resulting in customer unhappiness and more time for support to uncover the parameters that failed to get copied to production.

Now, with ETL Validator, they are able to easily compare the data across Dev, Stage and Production, increase customer satisfaction levels and minimize support time by more than 60%.


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