Below is a simple and real example that illustrates how you can leverage BI Validator for regression testing of dashboards.

Assume that you have 250 dashboards which are widely used by your marketing, sales, finance and other divisions within your enterprise. So far, things have been running well but the current version of your ETL Tool will not be supported from the July 1st 2013, which is 45 days away and there is no option for you but to upgrade from 8.x to 9.x in this timeframe. Sounds familiar? 🙂

The IT team is now under tremendous pressure to do the upgrade in a very short period of time and yet, ensure that the process has no negative implications on the dashboards and reports used in the enterprise.

Given that there is no big budget and not much time left, what is the best way to solve this problem?

In this situation, IT teams can leverage BI Validator to benchmark all the dashboards prior to the ETL tool upgrade and very easily compare them to the dashboards after the upgrade. If there are any differences, BI Validator displays them in a very intuitive way that is easy for the user to understand and act accordingly. Below is an example –

BI Validator thus eliminates two common testing paradigms to identify differences between dashboards.

  • Printing dashboards and manually comparing them.
  • Switching between multiple environments in a browser and manually comparing them.

In addition to the above, you can run a number of other tests as well to quickly validate and minimize the risk involved with upgrades and other under the hood changes. We care about usability and made this tool incredibly easy to use!