Every few years the BI vendors have a major release that forces the companies using these products to uptake a complex BI upgrade project. For example OBIEE 11g to 12c upgrade or Business Objects 4.1 to 4.2 upgrade. Testing is an important aspect of these upgrade projects. The blog explains how customers can leverage BI Validator to test the upgrades.

1. Upgrade Test Plan: This can be used to compare the reports across the pre and post upgrade environments and ensure that they are as expected. If BI Validator identifies any differences in the data sets, it marks the test plans with a “Warning” status.

Note: Since the UI may look very different (OBIEE 11g & 12c), compare the data in the reports as opposed to the pdf option.

2. As part of the above test plan: BI Validator can also ensure that the reports are found in the post-upgrade environment and that there is no degradation in performance.

3. Stress Test Plan can simulate concurrent loads (e.g 10, 100,500 concurrent users) on the reports and dashboards and ensure that there is no degradation when more users access the BI system.

All the above can be achieved with zero programming and just a couple of clicks. Try BI Validator now in few minutes to know how it can help you during the upgrades!

As part of the upgrade, if you are upgrading your ETL, then you may want to look at ETL Validator as well.