Test Automation for Salesforce

Automate Salesforce Data Validation and Comparison

Datagaps’ Great Data Platform offers a robust set of solutions that enable you perform comprehensive testing to track Salesforce metadata changes, validate Salesforce data with your operational data sources (on-premise or cloud) and perform easy read/write operations on your Salesforce platform. Choose Datagaps to completely automate your testing and management of your Salesforce data.


Great Data Platform

The most comprehensive
ETL & BI testing automation platform.

Track Schema Changes

DataOps Dataflow automatically retrieves list of objects, fields and field attributes using the Salesforce Metadata API and tracks changes to the metadata. The metadata can be compared between sandbox and production environments to validate that changes have been propagated properly across environments.

Reconcile Salesforce Data

Compare data in Salesforce with data in your on-premise or other cloud systems to validate that data is as expected. For example, compare order data between Salesforce and ERP systems such as SAP HANA or compare Salesforce data with data in your data warehouse such as snowflake.

Write Data to Salesforce

DataOps Data Flow uses Apache Spark as the data engine. It retrieves data from Salesforce objects using Salesforce REST API. It can be used to read data from Salesforce and write it to other data systems such as a Data Lake. Data Flow can also be used to write data to Salesforce from other systems.

Our Solutions

ETL Validator

ETL Validator comes with an inbuilt ETL engine capable of extracting and comparing millions of records from multiple data sources while executing test cases in parallel. ETL Validator connects to a wide variety of data sources. And we are constantly adding support for many modern data sources.

Data Flow

Experience the power of a Unified DataOps Automation Platform for your Data Analytics Projects. Data Flow is a holistic, modern component-based testing automation platform for your Data Analytics projects.

Supported Data Sources​

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