Test Automation for Snowflake

Snowflake + Datagaps = A powerful combination

Datagaps’ Great Data Platform offers complete regression, functional and performance testing capabilities for your Snowflake, Data, ETL and BI projects. By leveraging the simple UIs and wizard based test automation capabilities of Data Flow and BI Validator, engineers, testers & business analysts can be more productive, deliver accurate reports and install faith in Enterprise Data, ETL & BI systems. Datagaps helps attain complete Snowflake Testing and Automation.

Testing of Migration to Snowflake

Testing in a Modern Data Scenario

Our Solutions

ETL Validator

ETL Validator comes with an inbuilt ETL engine capable of extracting and comparing millions of records from multiple data sources while executing test cases in parallel. ETL Validator connects to a wide variety of data sources. And we are constantly adding support for Snowflake testing and many modern data sources.


Experience the power of a Unified DataOps Automation Platform for your Snowflake Data Analytics Projects. DataFlow is a holistic, modern component-based testing automation platform for your Snowflake testing.

BI Validator

The most comprehensive Functional, Regression, Performance and Stress Testing tool for Business Intelligence Platforms such as Tableau, OBIEE, Business Objects and Cognos.


Great Data Platform

The most comprehensive
ETL & BI testing automation platform. ETL Validator and BI Validator are considered one of the best testing tools for Snowflake data migration.

Case Study

Test Automation for Snowflake
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Snowflake Migration Test Automation using ETL Validator

Data Validation while migrating to Snowflake


Compare data in a BI report with Snowflake data

Supported Data Sources​

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